1. NAME
    The name of the Club is ‘1st Donegore Presbyterian Church Youth Club’, to be referred to locally as ‘JUMP’.
    The Club will be sponsored by the Session of the 1st Donegore Presbyterian Church who has given permission for the Club to operate from their premises.
    The Club premises shall be situated at 1st Donegore Presbyterian Church, 32 Main Street, Parkgate, BT39 ODG.
  4. AIM
    The aim of the Club shall be to provide at its premises a programme of social, spiritual, cultural, educational and recreational activities to enhance the potential and fulfilment of young people as they develop.
    To run the Club in a manner that is in keeping with the Constitution of the Church.To provide an environment that is consistent with the witness of the Church and to promote the importance of Christian faith in the lives of young people.

    To provide a safe place for young people to socialise and have fun where the rights and protections of young people are respected by all leaders and members.

    To shape a programme that is relevant and meaningful to the needs of young people and where possible to include them in the ownership, good running and discipline of the Club.

    To have special regard to the objectives and core requirements of the NEELB Youth Service.

    The Club shall be non-sectarian and non-political in membership.
    Membership shall be open to all young people of the area (within specified age groups) who, having been accepted as members by the Management Committee of the Club, agree to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the Club.The Management Committee, on the basis of a recommendation of the Club Leaders have the right to suspend or cancel membership in the interests of the good order of the Club.

    The Management Committee have the right to request annual subscriptions or attendance fees in order to defray costs of the Club.

    Membership will be open to children in Primary Year 7 up to Year 12. Thereafter the members may wish to remain with the Club as Junior Leaders.

    The day-to-day affairs of the Club shall be controlled by a Management Committee elected or appointed by nomination at an Annual General Meeting.Members of the Committee will be comprised of not less than 12 persons, over the age of 18 and will be nominated or elected from the registered and approved Leaders of the Club.Members of Committee must have carried out at least 6 months probation as Leaders of the Club.

    At least three members will be nominated by the Sponsoring body.

    Other persons may be co-opted by nomination to provide expertise or advice to the Committee.

    All Leaders and members shall subject themselves to vetting as required.

    Two members of the Club (under 18) to be co-opted as ex-officio members onto the Management Committee by means of a vote restricted to the Club members.

    The Management Committee will adopt the following office bearers of which will serve for a one year period – subject to re-election:Club Leader and Deputy LeaderChairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and those persons appointed to these positions should be members of the Church.

    The Management Committee shall be responsible to the Sponsoring Body for the control of the Club’s activities, finance, staffing and all matters relating to the general conditions of the Club.The Management Committee shall draw up a programme of activity which reflects the aims and objectives as specified.Office bearers shall be appointed at the AGM and shall include the appointments to the offices of:Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Club leaders.The Management Committee shall appoint to other positions as required for the good management and running of the Club.

    The Management Committee shall run the Club in compliance with the Guidelines for Operation of Church organisations.

    The Management Committee shall appoint a Members’ Committee (Forum) which shall report to the Management Committee on such matters as shall be delegated to it from time to time.

    Such other Committees may be appointed by the Management Committee as it deems necessary for the efficient performance of the Club’s functions and aims.
    Where the Management Committee is required to discuss any matter relating to a member of the Committee, the person so involved shall withdraw from the discussion.

    A quorum shall, in the case of the Management Committee, consist of not less than 6 members including the Secretary or a person delegated to act for the Secretary.In the case of any other Committee, a quorum shall consist of not less than one half of its members.At Committee meetings all motions shall require a simple majority vote of those present who are entitled to vote. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote.
    The meetings shall be convened by the Secretary of the Management Committee or other suitable member of the committee.

    The minutes of the proceedings of the Management Committee shall be kept in a book provided for that purpose and shall be signed by the Chairperson when ratified.

    The Club Treasurer shall be responsible for the accounts of the Club and shall submit these for independent audit through the Sponsoring Body as required at the end of the financial year of the sponsoring body (December).

    The Secretary of the Management Committee shall give at least 21 days notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Club which shall be held before the last day of December in each year.The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall include the following matters:
    – The election and appointment of members to the Management Committee
    – The submission of an annual report of the Club’s activities
    – The presentation and adoption of accounts
    – The consideration of any proposed resolutions to amend the rules
    – Any other business

    An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by a majority of the Management Committee or by the Secretary in order to conduct urgent business, on the written request of the Members’ Committee or the written request of the Sponsoring Body.

    The notice convening such a meeting shall state the business to be dealt with and the Extraordinary General Meeting shall exercise the powers of the Annual General Meeting on such stated business.

    The right to vote at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be open to all cleared leaders (probation completed).

    The Management Committee shall have the power to suspend and/or exclude a member who is in breach of the Rules and/or Constitution of the Club. A system of yellow and red cards being issued by two leaders to a member for an act that is contrary to the Club Rules shall be in place and recorded in the Incident Book.

    A signing In and Out sheet is used each Club night. Members generally are to remain within the halls, however, members may be involved in activities outside the church halls. At a leader’s discretion members may be given permission to leave the Club for such things as making a private telephone call or to get a breath of fresh air etc and only then they may leave the halls. At a leader’s discretion a member’s parents may be contacted should a member leave the Club early.
    The Management Committee has the right to enquire into any matter of concern by a member or leader and refer to any external body as appropriate, in-line with current PCI guidelines.

    Decisions of the Management Committee are final.

    The confidentiality and data in relation to members and Leaders will be respected and protected at all times.
  13. ASSETS
    All equipment, assets and finances of the Club shall be under the stewardship of the Management Committee of the Club.
    The Sponsoring Body provides all relevant insurances. However, the Management Committee must ensure that adequate insurance is in place for any specific events and shall ensure that all relevant information in relation to events or incidents is notified to the Sponsoring Body or relevant insurance contact.
    The Constitution of the Club, once adopted by the Management Committee and approved by the Sponsoring Body is binding.Any proposal to amend the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days before an Annual/Extraordinary General Meeting and having been proposed and seconded must be passed by a two-thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote and then shall be submitted for approval by the Sponsoring Body.
    In the event of the Club being dissolved, if after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, including repayment of grant where appropriate, there shall be property whatsoever that same shall be transferred to the Sponsoring Body or one of the Youth Organisations of the Sponsoring Body having the same aims/objectives.All books and records of fee Club shall be handed to the Church Treasurer for safekeeping.
    The aforementioned Constitution was adopted at an AGM meeting held at 1st Donegore Presbyterian Church Youth Club.

(Signed) ………………………………………………………………………………………

(Witnessed) …………………………………………………………………………………

(Secretary) ………………………………………………………………………………….

Approved by Sponsoring Body …………………………………………………….
(Clerk of Session on behalf of 1st Donegore Presbyterian Church)


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