At all times, you must:

  • Respect for other young people, leaders and volunteers.
  • Respect for other people going and coming from the club.
  • Respect for others when on trips or events away from club.
  • Respect for property and equipment.
  • Respect for safety of all persons using the Club.
  • Respect for grounds of the Church.
  • Respect for rules of membership.


Rules apply within the Club, within the grounds of the church and
coming to or going from Club.

  1. No bullying or harassment of any other person.
  2. No fighting under any circumstance.
  3. No wilful damage or vandalism.
  4. No use of drugs, smoking or alcohol.
  5. No taking or sharing pictures or videos.
  6. No use of bad or inappropriate language.
  7. Parents will be contacted if member(s) leave early.

When observed, depending on seriousness, members will be
immediately warned, or suspended and if necessary, expelled
from membership.

Any criminal actions or behaviour such as assault will be reported to
the Police.

February 2015 Version

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